Nwachalu Ekpecham ’13

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the long delay to update my blog. Time has not been in my favor, and I have attempted to be in multiple places all at once. As we are all aware, it is literally impossible to do so, and I have found myself struggling to surmount this reality. However, I realized that I can’t submerge myself in a “pool of stress” (as I like to call it), and it’s acceptable to take a moment to breathe. They say breathing exercises help pregnant women. Well, they help college students too – Trust me.

To briefly summarize my summer, only one word comes to mind – ¡Voy! If you’re not familiar with the Spanish language, voy means “I go.” From Pennsylvania’s Dorney Park to the vibrant island of the Dominican Republic, I traveled to a variety of locations, embracing each experience with family and friends. I wanted to be as occupied as possible not only for my own sake, but for my parents’ as well. Therefore, I worked the entire summer as a part-time crew member at Trader Joe’s – a unique, specialty grocery store. I must admit that it was the best summer job by far. Awesome Hawaiian t-shirts, authentic boat bells, and lots of pirate’s booty – Who could possibly complain?

Although summer is inexistent at this point, I am definitely anticipating autumn’s cool weather. It’s always nice to be able to accessorize with a light jacket or colorful scarf. As you can see, I’m a bit of a “fashionista” – At least, I like to think so.

Sophomore year has been amazing so far, and I am no longer a “novice” on campus. Every aspect of the college life seems more familiar to me, and I am well aware of the “ins and outs” this time around. However, don’t let me fool you – each and every day is still a learning process for me as I embrace new challenges and grow from each experience. This year, my priority is to become more involved on campus. There are so many opportunities Holy Cross offers to its students, and I have not taken full advantage of any! By no means do I want to overwhelm myself by participating in numerous organizations, but I definitely want to earn leadership positions on campus. So far, I am involved in the following groups:

 Member, Student Marketing Advisory Group

Head Greeter, Liturgical Ministry

Assistant Director of Alumni and Community Relations, Black Student Union

Member, A.S.I.A

Member, CAB (Campus Activities Board) Concert

 As you can see, my plate is pretty much full, and I love it! I am always occupied during the week which seems to bring the weekends quicker at least. I must admit that I’m looking forward to see what sophomore year has to offer….Let’s cross our fingers on that note.

Hello There! I apologize for the long delay! I’ve been so caught up with work and other personal issues at home – I have barely enough time for myself. However, I am back to my typical, daily schedule. Now, let me take this opportunity to give you an update on what’s going on in my life.

Midterms. Papers. Reflections. These are three most frequent words that I have been using since my last blog. Don’t panic – I can breathe under all of this perspicuous pressure. You may ask yourself: How do I deal with it? It’s quite simple – I have adapted to the lifestyle of a Holy Cross student.

The first step is never easy, but as you propel through the process- Everything seems to become familiar. You make better use of your planner. You prioritize to avoid cramming. You take short breaks to liberate your mind from stress. It takes time to adjust, but it is POSSIBLE! You learn from your mistakes (which I can attest to), and make better choices in the future. I’ll admit it – I am a procrastinator at times (Hey, don’t judge me – I’m not perfect). However, I have sought out sensible ways in which I can complete all work at a reasonable time instead of waiting to the last minute. Does this sound familiar? My advice to anyone who is on their way to college can be simply put like this: Finish your work ahead of time!

On a brighter note, spring break was SPECTACULAR! I didn’t go anywhere special except into the comfort of my lovely home. It felt great to sleep in my own room and enjoy Mom’s cooking (of course).I had a blast spending time with my family and friends – It was definitely a breathe of fresh air (as they say).

All in all, the warm weather has finally made its way to Worcester, Massachusetts! (I was worried for awhile). Flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts are the common articles of clothing on campus now. You can’t help but to notice all the smiles as you walk to your classes. Spring ROCKS!

Enjoying the Weather All Day.....Literally

Enjoying the Weather All Day.....Literally

Valentine’s Day is a special time for couples to enjoy each other’s company perhaps by a romantic dinner or an adventurous outing. However, my Valentine’s Day consisted of a special night with my favorite group of girls. Some decided to make elaborate handmade cards while others baked delicious treats to entice our taste buds. After we finished all our work, we exchanged these lovely “gifts” amongst ourselves. It was delightful! You could not help but smile in the company of such wonderful young women.

{I surely hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day weekend as much I did!}

“Come by my room, Cha-cha,” my dear friend, Kelsi said with a smile. I was reluctant to do so because I hadn’t finished doing my make-up for the night. I was anxious to put on mascara and a bit of “jungle green” eyeliner.
“Alright,” I said with a sigh, and I followed Kelsi to her room to find the biggest surprise ever.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHA-CHA!” Everyone shouted. There were balloons, streamers and a huge “Happy Birthday” sign that decorated the room. I was in complete astonishment. I had no idea they were planning this for me. I was given a card with sweet but brief birthday messages and a delicious chocolate covered cake! I never imagined that such a great birthday would take place while in college. I must admit that the people I have met here at Holy Cross so far are wonderful individuals that I feel honored to be spending the rest of my four years here with and many more to come. I had a fantastic time!

I can’t believe how quickly a month has gone by already. It feels as if I just left my “life on the hill” for only a day or two. However, it feels GREAT to be back and see the familiar faces that I have missed. For this semester, I will be taking Intro to Philosophy, The Sociological Perspective, Intermediate Spanish 2, and of course MONTSERRAT. I was extremely nervous to see who my new professors were, but after spending two classes with them- all my worries have disappeared. They are awesome! I am so excited to learn the new material we will be reviewing this year. The topics are very interesting – Relationships on Campus, The Value of Philosophy, Plato, Kant, Greek antiquity, and so forth. My creative juices will surely be flowing! (lol).

It will take some time for me to get back into the “school work groove,” but I know I will be fine. My goal is to continue to stay focused and strive for a higher GPA than last semester. Although it was decent for my first semester in college, I want to aim higher than that. Holy Cross has taught me to never settle for anything less and to go beyond the sky’s limit. This is exactly what I plan to do- Let’s just hope I get it done! =]

It feels amazing to be back home with family and friends. I never realized how much I missed seeing such familiar faces. As soon as I entered my room, I saw a couple of baby pictures on my desk. My mom had purposely put them there to show how much she had been thinking about me.
“Nwachalu, I was looking through old photo albums and thought you might enjoy looking at some funny baby pictures,” she said with a smile. I gave her the biggest hug of 2009! That was so sweet and cute of her! Although I was a bit embarrassed, I quickly got over it.
My taste buds are back on track as I am enjoying home cooked food every day. Everything is delicious! I can’t imagine how I have been able to go 3 months without my mother’s cooking. I’m glad that I was able to though. I have gone back to work at Trader Joe’s – the best job on earth! It’s a lot of fun, and it keeps me busy. Besides work, I’ve been spending lots of time with family and friends, and going to the “City” as much as possible. I missed the big lights and billboards!
Oh boy, does it feel great to be back in the Big Apple!! =]

  • December 12th, 2009

Football Game with the Girls =]

I can’t believe the end of the semester is basically here. Finals have been haunting my memory….BUT I refuse to let this worry me. I’ve been locked in my room…or other study rooms for hours reviewing material. It’s not easy, but I know it will pay off. I took my history final this morning at 8:30. If I didn’t get an A, I might go crazy. Just kidding! I know I aced that final. I studied so hard for it…taking minimal breaks from time to time, of course. Although I am not a fan of studying….Sometimes you have to “man up” or in my case “woman up” and get the work done. Holy Cross is a challenge….but I love it. If you’re one to never back away from obstacles, then Holy Cross is the right place for you. =]

I’ve been so busy with school work since finals are coming up soon. I’m actually excited for these finals….TO BE OVER, Of course! [lol] I’m ready for Christmas already! Since, I have gotten so much work done, I can now resume my blogging duty. It feels good to be relaxed now. =]

I’m involved with four organizations/clubs on campus. I’ve been balancing time between school work and “extracurricular” activities- (I love that word.) Luckily, I’ve been able to get things done ahead of time. I think I’m going to end my night with an action movie and popcorn! =]