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Sorry for the Long Delay…..Everything is Okay!

April 7th, 2010 nlekpe13

Hello There! I apologize for the long delay! I’ve been so caught up with work and other personal issues at home – I have barely enough time for myself. However, I am back to my typical, daily schedule. Now, let me take this opportunity to give you an update on what’s going on in my life.

Midterms. Papers. Reflections. These are three most frequent words that I have been using since my last blog. Don’t panic – I can breathe under all of this perspicuous pressure. You may ask yourself: How do I deal with it? It’s quite simple – I have adapted to the lifestyle of a Holy Cross student.

The first step is never easy, but as you propel through the process- Everything seems to become familiar. You make better use of your planner. You prioritize to avoid cramming. You take short breaks to liberate your mind from stress. It takes time to adjust, but it is POSSIBLE! You learn from your mistakes (which I can attest to), and make better choices in the future. I’ll admit it – I am a procrastinator at times (Hey, don’t judge me – I’m not perfect). However, I have sought out sensible ways in which I can complete all work at a reasonable time instead of waiting to the last minute. Does this sound familiar? My advice to anyone who is on their way to college can be simply put like this: Finish your work ahead of time!

On a brighter note, spring break was SPECTACULAR! I didn’t go anywhere special except into the comfort of my lovely home. It felt great to sleep in my own room and enjoy Mom’s cooking (of course).I had a blast spending time with my family and friends – It was definitely a breathe of fresh air (as they say).

All in all, the warm weather has finally made its way to Worcester, Massachusetts! (I was worried for awhile). Flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts are the common articles of clothing on campus now. You can’t help but to notice all the smiles as you walk to your classes. Spring ROCKS!

Enjoying the Weather All Day.....Literally

Enjoying the Weather All Day.....Literally

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